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May 12, 2011

The Americans were disappointed with the president’s leaderships and integrities during the Vietnam War and Watergate. Now the presidents were expected to lead the America which faced Inflation, the energy crisis, and honesty. Three Presidents: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan attempted to solve the facing challenges by many attempts. However, their attempts didn’t always improve the situation but even worsen it sometimes. One of the Presidents who were anticipated to lead the America with the integrity and experience was Gerald Ford who became a president without the election. . He became a president nor because he was popular with American public nor because he campaigned, but because of his honesty character. His peers in Congress put Ford in White House because he was trustworthy and upright. It was his integrity that made the Republicans, Democrats and Congress choose Ford as a Vice President knowing the Nixon’s presidency was over. Throughout twenty five years in House of Representatives, Ford proved himself his integrity. Soon after taking office, President Ford granted a pardon to Nixon for all the crimes he committed during his presidency. Unlike Ford’s thought, the Americans were raged with his decision. By pardoning Nixon, Ford lost much public support and was accused of having a deal with Nixon.

The other president was Jimmy Carter who emphasized ecology in his platform. He won the election of 1976 with 297 electoral votes, as compared to Ford’s 241. When Carter became a president, the America was facing a major energy problem. Carter regarded the energy crisis as a biggest concern of the nation at that time. He persuaded the Americans to reduce the use of fuel and he presented more than 100 proposals regarding energy conservation to Congress. However, these proposals were refused by many people. In conclusion, all of these proposals leaded to the National Energy Act. It enacted several measures to get the better of...

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