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Gerdmans Inredningar, is one of the leading mail-order companies in Scandinavia. The purpose is to get a better understanding about Gerdmans, because they are our partner company during the education of International Sales and Marketing. To get the information we need we went to the headquarters in Markaryd and interviewed the sales manager Carl-Magnus Schöön and the market manager Fredrik Jacobsson. We also searched on the Internet and used their catalogue and brochures. Sven Gerdman started the company in Malmö in 1947 when the company only had in-house production and was producing shelving systems. A few years later they moved the headquarters to Markaryd in Sweden. During the years they have expand their company and established in Norway, Denmark and Finland. Sweden is now accounting for half of the selling, and then it is Norway, Denmark and last is Finland. Gerdmans Inredningar has offices in all those countries, one office in each country. The have also quit with their in-house production, and are now focusing to be a pure trading company. They have approximately 11 500 products. To be as successful as they are today, they working with three benefits and are the only one that has all three of them. The three benefits are free shipping, fast delivery and three years warranty on all their products. *


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The company Gerdmans Inredningar is a business-to-business company that sells furniture for offices, industrial and warehouses. Gerdmans only focuses on selling to businesses in Scandinavia were half of their selling is based in Sweden. The headquarters is in Markaryd and beside that, they also have offices in Nivå (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland) and Sandvika (Norway). They are selling through their catalogues and online on their website. With their range of 11,500 products they are one of the leading companies in their area of products. (Gerdmans1)

Gerdmans Inredningar started out as a small privately owned company, and has over the past 60 years become a part of the world leading international group in catalog sales, the TAKKT group. Today Gerdmans Group covers the entire Nordic region. In 1947 Germans Inredningar is born. The founder Sven Gerdmans starts an in-house production in Malmö. The production consists of the famous Gerdmans shelving system, which is still in the assortment of products. 1973 Gerdmans moves and establishes in Markaryd, where they still are located today. 11 years later in 1984 Gerdmans establishes their first office abroad in Sandvika Norway. 1993 they enter the Danish market in Nivå. In 1995 all the in-house production is sold and they are now a pure trading company. Gerdmans completes the establishment of the Nordic region in 1996, with sales office in Helsinki, Finland. In 1998 The German group TAKKT buys Gerdmans Inredningar so they now have new international owners. 2008 the company moved to new built modern premises. The warehouse area is bigger and has the latest equipment for efficient material handling. Resulting in significantly increase the number of warehouse articles and invest in the future. Gerdmans has today a wide range consisting over 11,500 articles and with 60 engaged employees and their turnover is 320 million SEK year 2011. (Gerdmans2)

The main purpose of this report is to introduce our partner company Gerdmans. To gain a greater knowledge how their business is organized and how they have grown the last couple of years. How Gerdmans has evolved thru time...
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