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1) In what way does Russell Simons qualify as an innovative leader?

An innovative leader is a leader who is characterized by one who introduces novelty. Novelty is a new idea, method or device. In other words, an innovative leader initiates and introduces something that is new.

In this case, Russell Simons qualify as an innovative leader by diversifying the businesses he enters into. Typically, we would find people in the music industry focus on composing and creating new songs. But in the case of Simons, he also used hip-hop and rap music to enter to an apparel industry. The two of his most successful enterprises evidences this: the hip-hop label of Def Jam and clothing line of Phat Farm. Being innovative, he created much influence that even the word “phat” was added to English dictionaries. And also, being innovative, he has managed to do business in entertainment companies, in the manufacture of an energy drink and even ventured to form a philanthropic foundation.

To conclude, from his simple premise that the music and culture of today’s urban youth have broad commercial appeal across the United States and around the world to building a career and incubating a vast array of businesses is where you can clearly see how innovative he is.

-Production-centered supervisors.
Place strong emphasis on getting the work done
-Employee-centered supervisors.
Place strong emphasis on subordinate’s welfare.

*Fiedler’s contingency model
-Situational control.
The extent to which a leader can determine what his or her group is going to do as well as the outcomes of the group’s actions and decisions.

Leader directiveness is most helpful for performance when the leader is competent, relaxed, and supported. -House’s path-goal theory of leadership
Emphasizes how a leader influences subordinates’ perceptions of both work goals and personal goals and the links, or paths, found...

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