Topics: International Labour Organization, Corporate social responsibility, International labour standards Pages: 6 (1451 words) Published: December 27, 2013
Rogovsky, Nikolai and Emily Sims, Corporate Success through People: Making the International Labour Standards Work for you, Geneva: International Labour Organization.

We have learned about a supplier factory of toys in China whose products were recalled all over the world due to excessive amount of lead in the paint it used in producing toys for children.

Consumers all over the world, especially those in the industrialized countries, have come to rethink about the price of “competitiveness” of products made or subcontracted in China.

China has to react fast. Its government has mobilized all public and private resources in order to strengthen its advocacy campaign and inspection of various workplaces based on internationally accepted CSR principles and practices.

The bigger damage is borne by big enterprises that design, brand and market the products made by subcontractors.

Internationally Good Practices
The e-book Corporate Success through People: Making the International Labour Standards Work for you written by Nikolai Rogovsky and Emily Sims of the ILO presents several good CSR practices from all over the world. The books objective is to promote ILO’s international labor standards as benchmarks for good governance in all workplaces public, private and informal sector enterprises.

Rogovsky and Sims used “best practices” which was changed to “good practices.” Changes in the workplace should not be too abrupt or goals should not be too high in order to prevent wastes and possible failures.

SAS Institute
The SAS Institute is a world leader in the software industry. What is unique about the SAS is that it has no programs on stock option, performance shares or similar schemes.

SAS employees stay because of the company’s values and management ethics which are based on four principles: All personnel are treated fairly and equally.
The company has a flat structure of 3 to 4 levels only. Everyone has the same office space and health plan. People are treated with respect and dignity.
There is no out sourcing of jobs.
The company believes in and relies on intrinsic, interval motivations. There is no formal sick leave policy and performance appraisal. Maintenance of a work family environment.
Work is 35 hours a week to maintain s healthy work family balance.

Bantai Industries in Bangladesh
Bantai Industries Private limited is a subcontractor-manufacturer of baseball caps for the U.S. market. Bantai is known for its healthy and safe workplace. The company’s social services include family planning and primary education for employees’ children dependents. Most of the women workers come from the rural areas.

The good social management practices of Bantai have been promoted and replicated by other subcontractors in Bangladesh. The good practices of Bantai have been featured in an ILO publication Guidelines for Welfare and Development Program for Factory Workers.

Adidas Social Management Practices
Adidas specializes in sports footwear. Most of its products are subcontracted to factories in developing countries. Adidas took steps in practicing good social management and in complying with social standards in working hours, health and safety, environment, labor rights, etc.

Six months after the program was launched on a pilot basis in Asia from 1999 to 2000, the results were very positive which included the following: Turn-over rate decreased by fifty percent
Work environment became safer and cleaner
Productivity increased by 100 percent

One Adidas top manager assessed the program thus:
“Compliance with labor standards is investment in people to make manufacturing successful. Labor standards and TQM principles send the same message: workers and their opinions are important. From top to bottom up that is the most fundamental change.”

Good CSR Practices in the Philippines
San Miguel...
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