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1 Course Description

Interns will have the opportunity to develop new skills by working under the direction and supervision of an experienced practitioner and acquire practical skills. A minimum of 120 hours of internship is required. Prerequisite: Senior Standing.

2 Student Learning Outcomes

The course “Human Resources Management Internship” is intended to prepare students for actual work environments through their commitment to acquire high performance workforce competence, responsibility, team member skills, and passion for continuous learning for leadership positions in their chosen careers.

3 Teaching Methodology and Techniques
* 3 explanatory sessions, in which the outline and the report are discussed in details, the required documents are explained and students’ inquisitions are answered.

* Regular meetings with students upon appointment to review their work and pinpoint their mistakes.

* Presentation sessions where students’ reports are submitted along with the required documents.

1. Each student will have 7 minutes to complete his/her presentation and 3 minutes to answer instructor’s questions. 2. Formal dressing is a must.

* Extensive use of Blackboard as a main mean of communication.

4 Resources Available to Students
* Library Resources: NDU Library is open to students to help you in all your research and class work. Qualified personnel are available to help you.

* Writing Center: The Writing Center provides assistance to all students who wish to discuss their writing with a trained consultant. The Center is located in HA 114. An appointment is required.

* Blackboard (bb) Software: If you are not familiar with the Blackboard system, it is recommended to attend a training session at the University Computer Services in order to know how to use the Blackboard system to enrich the academic communication with your instructor and your colleagues

* Smart Rooms, Design Studios, Photography Studio & Dark Room(s), CAD Computer Workshop, Mackintosh Lab. (DCS), Textile & Ceramics Labs, Wood/Metal Workshop, Design Office, etc

5 Meetings Schedule:
Session 1| Introduction | |
Session 2| Report explanation & Progress Feedback | | Session 3| Report explanation & Progress Feedback| | Session 4| Report Due Date & Presentation | |
Session 5| Report Due Date & Presentation| |
Session 6| Report Due Date & Presentation| |
Session 7| Report Due Date & Presentation| |

6. Grading and Evaluation

1| Student Report | 30 % |
2| Presentation | 35 %|
3| Employer Evaluation | 10 %|
4| Thank you note to employer &student up-dated resume | 5 %| 5| Trainee Attendance | 10 %|
6| Employer’s Relevance| 10%|
7| Total| 100|

* The Term Papers 300 to 500 courses is 15 pages long:
(1 cover-page, 1 outline page, 12 body paper pages, 1 reference page) * Time New Roman 12, spacing 1.5 , 1” top and bottom margins.

Writing Across the Curriculum

NDU considers that knowledge of a subject is both oral and written. Mastering the knowledge of a certain course means acquiring the ability to write on subjects related to that subject matter. Writing a research/term paper requires the appropriate command of language skills, proper terminology, and correct use of quotations, footnotes, and references, regardless of the course and topic.

Required Documents From Company:

1| Validated Attendance Attestation clearly stating that the intern has accomplished 120hours of training| 2| Student Internship Appraisal Form |

Notes: All statements from the company must be returned to the instructor in a sealed envelope bearing the employer’s official signature.

The above mentioned documents are provided by Mrs. Grace...
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