Topics: Better, Cafeteria, The Opportunity Pages: 3 (516 words) Published: July 11, 2013

• Barely noticing William as he walked the shop floor, employees appeared to be concentrating on their jobs

• Daily meetings held by management discussing various production issues did not include shop floor employees unless there was a specific problem.

• Management had separate washrooms and separate lunchrooms as well as other perks, which floor employees did not have.

• Most employees felt management was polite on the surface but had nothing to learn from the floor employees.

• George and John have had a number of unpleasant encounters

• In order to avoid direct confrontation with John, George sends written memos to the floor. These memos are often more than 2 pages long due to their complexity.

• John was very upset over what George perceived to be a complement

• Feeling there was something he could do, William approached John and asked if he could help

• William felt John was willing to talk to him from the looks of the situation and John’s body language, but john knew this was not the way things were done at ABC

• Tony, who worked the machine next to john cursed and said that the office guys only cared about schedules not about the people down on the floor

• William expressed his potential to address some of their issues to which tony gave a strange look shook his head and walked away swearing, all the while offending the office staff with his language

• Told by leslie employees not accustomed to management talking to them. Only issuing orders and made demands

• When asked about why he wasn’t eating in the office lunchroom he wondered about the nature of the apparent division between management and the floor

• Other workers amazed to see him in the lunch room commenting that he was still new and had not learned the ropes yet

• George when asked about the confrontation with john was surprised by his reaction thinking he had complemented...
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