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Angelita Ruiz 05/11/95
"He who cannot endure the bad will not see the good." If its one lesson I've learned to be true about life is that anything worth achieving seldom comes easy.
The summer before my senior year I decided to go on a week long canoe trip in the boundary waters of Minnesota. I had never even been camping before but I was eager to try something out of my comfort zone. Once there, I was immediately faced with challenges. I was away from my friends and family with no way of contacting anyone for an entire week and if that wasn't bad enough I was taken out of my comfortable environment and thrown into a new and unfamiliar place.

One of the first tasks the rest of the girls and I had to complete was a mile long hike where we had to carry all four canoes and six bags filled with essentials over to the next lake. The canoe was heavy and the rugged terrain made the task feel impossible. We were forced to stop and take breaks often because we were too tired to keep moving, I felt my legs shake and buckle with every step. I wanted more than anything to give up right there and then but I knew that I couldn't, other people were counting on me and struggling just as much as I was. After hours of struggling through the long trail I heard the rush of water in the distance followed by a break in the trees as I got closer, I had finally made it to the end of the trail. The view of the lake in front of me was breath taking. The lake was covered in lily pads and the reflection of the tall pine trees was gleaming in the soft waves and to think that if I had quit when things got tough I would have never experienced that.

After realizing this summer that I truly am much stronger than I once believed I thought back to all the opportunities I let pass me by because I thought I couldn't do it. Now I refuse to let go of my dreams. I will not let the opportunity of going to college and making something great out of myself pass me by, I know it will be difficult...
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