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Company analysis
Company Overview and Background
Hung Fook Tong in Hong Kong a new herbal drinks company in Hong Kong to open more than 100 stores, and the other has a bottled herbal tea sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, as Hong Kong's first sale of bottled herbal tea shop, breaking limitations . Hung Fook Tong innovative, no additives, really making for the corporate culture, so that traditional herbal deduce new modern fashion taste; "Grandma Link almost good" for the company's corporate terminology, to the customer is not only a warm and cozy home feeling, one kind of taste often accompanied in the heart of the family, there is a healthy optimistic attitude towards life. Mission

Hung Fook Tong Holdings has been developed for the purpose of no added health products, over the years, the group has always insisted on select high-quality natural materials, no added preservatives and artificial coloring beliefs and strict quality control in order to provide customers with the highest quality, most healthy herbal products selection. Set up

Hung Fook Tong based in Hong Kong, opened in 1986, 20 years has been hard to carry forward the Chinese traditional herbal culture, "really making ‧ spontaneous" for the purpose, to stick with real materials, no added principle, Group consists of a traditional herbal tea store continuous development, the first will be the introduction of portable plastic bottles of herbal tea, herbal tea successfully popularize the traditional facilitation, awarded by a Hong Kong's biggest herbal tea group, and the traditional herbal tea into overseas. Currently, the Group's operations are divided into retail stores and bottled drinks two businesses, products and more innovation, bringing tune up cream products, health herbal tea, mannose series, no added health drinks and other diversified products, product design since its introduction more than more than hundred models, welcomed by customers. Principal activities

Currently, the...
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