Hewlett Packard Business Report

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  • Published : December 11, 2005
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The main purpose of this research project is to provide an in-depth business and marketing analysis on Hewlett Packard (www.hp.com), a Fortune 500 company. Hewlett Packard marketing and distribution businesses compete in both regulated and competitive markets. Hewlett Packard provides both desktop and notebook computers, and computer accessories safely and reliably to their customers while acting in the interest of their communities, employees, shareholders and the environment. Although HP is not the only computer technology producing company on the market today, Hewlett Packard has a diverse, powerful team of 150,000 employees with production or market capabilities in 170 countries doing business in more than 10 different languages. HP invents, engineers and delivers technology solutions to their customers for business and social use. This research project consists of eight major parts : Executive Summary provides a company overview; Vision, Mission, and Objectives provides the vision, mission and objectives for the company as a whole; Background and Industry provides the current business profile and history of the company; Executive Management provides an overview of senior management; Products and/or Services provides an overview of current products and/or services; SWOT Analysis provides an overview of the company's current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; Competition provides an excellent overview of the current competition; and the References provides the reader with referenced material in support of this project. Hewlett Packard provides technology for business and life. 1HP has a $3.5 billion annual R&D investment that fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies, so that Hewlett Packard can better serve customers and enter new markets. HP is committed to providing customers with intuitive, quality products and services that are environmentally safe and to undertake their operations in an environmentally conscience manner. HP strives to provide diverse array of affordable computer technologies, and continue their company motto :"It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common objectives and avoid working at cross purposes at all levels if the ultimate in efficiency and achievement is to be obtained." -Dave Packard Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Customer loyalty - To provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to HP customers that earns their respect and loyalty. HP's success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of their customers. Listening closely to customers to fully understand what it is they need, then delivering solutions that translate into customer happiness. This is essential to earn customer loyalty. Competitive total cost of ownership, quality, inventiveness, and the way HP does business drives customer loyalty. Profit - HP's goal is to achieve sufficient profit to finance Hewlett Packard company growth, create value for HP shareholders and provide the resources HP needs to achieve their other corporate objectives. Profit is the responsibility of all. Balance of long-term and short-term objectives is key to profitability. Profit allows HP to reinvest in new and business opportunities. Profit is highly connected to generating cash, which brings more flexibility to the business at a lower cost. Profit enables the achievement of HP's corporate objectives. Market leadership - To grow by continually providing useful and significant products, services and solutions to markets that HP already serves and to expand into new areas that build on HP technologies, competencies and customer interests. Growth- To view change in the market as an opportunity to grow; to use HP's profits and ability to develop and produce innovative products, services and solutions that satisfy emerging customer needs. Employee commitment - To help HP employees share in the company's success...
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