Heuristics: Clinical Trial and Product

Topics: Heuristic, Clinical trial, Obesity Pages: 5 (1732 words) Published: June 21, 2012
Persuasive Heuristics Lead to Successful Business
Heuristics is known as methods or strategies used in the commercial industry in attracting consumer’s attention in order to achieve successful business transactions. These significant techniques are vastly seen in daily newspapers, magazines and media channels. Most advertisements portray colourful, attractive background carrying intuitive messages with the intention of captivating potential buyers. Heuristics mainly influences the consumer’s audio visual perceptions which later impinge on his or her emotion. Where the heuristic process could positively convinces and influences one’s attitude and perception, the upcoming behaviour or response could potentially lead to compliance and commitment. To properly identify and review various types of commonly applied heuristics, a weight loss advertisement was abstracted from the Today’s Newspaper dated Wednesday, 2nd May 2012. The target group of the advert is primarily male and female consumers struggling with overeating issues, obesity and overweight body mass index (BMI) problems that potentially threaten one’s self-esteem. Chaiken (1987), Petty and Cacioppo (1989), as cited by Smith and Mackie (2007) argued that information processing occurs in different manners and manifests in the form of superficial processing and systematic processing. The superficial information process relies greatly on the prominence of the stated information in stimulating positive feedback, and less attention is placed unto the message’s content. On the contrary, the systematic processing engages thoughtful and thorough evaluation of information. For the current advertisement analysis, readers rely more on accessible information, therefore the focus is placed on superficial information processing. Two components of information contributing to attitude changes are distinguished in this advertisement: the cognitive information and the emotion affect. The cognitive information is the knowledge-based, factual and belief that a consumer holds towards a product. On the other hand, the emotion affect is found in an individual’s emotions. For instance, a positive feeling would produce positive feeling and liking towards an object. In order to achieve the fruitful conformity to adverts, consumer’s perception and emotions towards a product has to be congruent. Six heuristics techniques are observed in this weight loss advert, i.e. Attractiveness, Emotion, Familiarity, Message Length, Expertise and Consensus. Each of these heuristics shall be further discussed in the following sections. Attractiveness

A young vibrant looking lady, with charming smile, characterized by long hair, and flawless skin stands to represent the advert. Her slim and perfect body contour is highly captivating, indicating successful weight management. Such enchanting beauty and ideal body shape are very attractive. Using an attractive model taps on an individual’s perception and create a positive input for the product. The attractiveness is further enhanced by including the testimonials of four real consumers who successfully lost their weight after consuming the product. Comparisons are made between the before and after weight control program in which each of these satisfied consumers looks gorgeous after weight loss. The high vision impact is observed in the product’s use of the female model and satisfied consumers which helps to highlight the message of weight loss achieved within a short duration. Associating an attractive person to the product also carries the effect of evaluative priming, whereby by seeing something we like, people tend to think the advertised product to be excellent and likable (Byrne, 1971; Insko, 1981 as cited by Smith & Mackie, 2007). Emotion

Direct Emotion. A beautiful smile by the elegant Mediacorp Artiste, Jeanette Aw, creates a feel good feeling that could elevate a reader’s mood and evokes happiness....
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