Hetty Green

Topics: 1983, 1975, 1977 Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Hetty Green
Women are not famous for business at Wall Street in the past yet however, Hetty Green has achieved the title of The Witch of Wall Street and The Queen of Wall Street and she was the richest woman of her time with her ambition, ingenuity and persistence. Hetty Green (Henrietta Howland Robinson) was born into a wealthy family which made a fortune out of whaling. However as a child, she showed a great ability in financing. She read the financing section of the newspaper to her nearly blind grandfather, which helped her later on in life. Furthermore she was her father’s bookkeeper and sometimes accompanied her father, who was a ruthless businessman, to the docks to make deals. She also started investing in Wall Street with the allowance from her father. This ambitious start as a child led her easily to become one of the richest women in history. After the death of Hetty’s mother, Hetty was kept from inheriting the family fortune by her father but inherited the fortune of 7.5 million at the age of 21 when her father died. She had already investing in Wall Street in very small amounts but however with the inheritance, she had access to a whole new world of finance. Hetty was smart within her business dealings as she would buy bonds and real estate at a huge discount during times of financial difficulty and then resell off her investments at a higher price. She also provided high- interest loans to desperate people in which she would gain a huge amount of money. She married Edward Green who was a millionaire himself and was the executor of her father’s will. She demanded that they were to keep their own finances and later divorced her husband when she had to bail him out of debt several times. Hetty could have easily lived a luxurious life with her fortune but due to her persistence and ambition, she sought to increase the family fortune. Hetty's ingenious ways of enterprising with buying in when prices...
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