Hesperocallis Undulata: The Desert Lily

Topics: Desert, Sonoran Desert, Perennial plant Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Casey Arnett
GPH 111 Lab Essay: The Desert Lily
Instructor: Schirmang

Hesperocallis undulate or more commonly known as the desert lily is a plant that is found in the Sonoran desert. A few words or images come to mind when one thinks of the desert, words like heat, dirt, cactus, and sand these are just a few that come to mind. This is not all the desert has to offer and quite to the contrary the Sonoran desert is full of life. The Sonoran desert is spread throughout two states in the southwestern part of the United States Arizona and California, and covers parts of northern Mexico.(The National Parks Service) This is one of the only places where the Desert lily can be found. Plant life in the desert has adapted to the extremes of heat and by using physical and behavioral habits, like desert animals to survive. The extremes in the desert are extreme temperature, and very dry climate. The summers in the Sonoran desert can record more than one hundred days with temperatures over 100 degrees. This coupled with very little precipitation make life for some plants difficult. But this is the amazing thing about all of the vegetation in the desert they have found a way to survive despite the extreme conditions. One of the features advantageous to the desert lily in these conditions is an underground bulb that remains dormant through hot and dry weather waiting out a drought and possibly waiting many years to sprout. This bulb is part of the reason for this plants ability to survive the desert. The Natives gave this plant the name of “Ajo” which means garlic in Spanish; this comes from the bulb part of the plant that tastes like garlic. Despite the harsh conditions of the desert, the desert lily has found a way to survive and reproduce in this environment. All plants of the desert and all animals find ways to adapt to there surroundings and the desert lily does this by waiting for the rain. The desert lily is a perennial plant which gives the plant the...
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