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Hershey’s company mission
The Hershey’s company mission is “Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.” Hershey’s mission statement is short and sweet. They are able to address the majority of the nine components of the mission Statement with one sentence. Their customers are the world, their product is Hershey, their market is the world, their philosophy is to bring happiness, and their self-concept is that they perceive themselves as a company that can bring happy moments to individuals who use their products across the world everyday. There are nine component of mission statement ,whisch is Customers, Products/Services, Geographic Markets, Technology, Concern for Survival, Philosophy, Public Image and EmployeesDistinctive Competence. The mission statement needs to include some description of the function of the business. For example, "to promote industrial excellence," tells customers and employees nothing. A more effective description would be "To provide management consulting services." An effective mission statement sets out, in broad terms, the target market. A manufacturer that makes nuts and bolts might set its target market as retail hardware stores, machine manufacturers, or both. The business must determine what region it serves best and relay that information by way of the mission statement. A garage, for example, might limit its target region to the community while a magazine company might target an entire country. Mission statements typically include a statement of company values. Values such as customer service, efficiency and eco-consciousness often appear on lists of company values. At their best, company values should express principles the company explicitly tries to affirm in day-to-day operations.

For businesses that rely heavily on technology, the mission statement should include a description of the essential technology the company does or plans to employ. If nothing else, this directs purchasing agents...
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