Topics: Hershey, Pennsylvania, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, Hershey Trust Company Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Hershey’s mission in terms with its employees is “winning with an aligned and empowered organization, while having fun” (Hershey Company). The Hershey Company’s current performance management system is designed to build a workplace environment that embraces diversity while seeking new approaches and continual improvement. The company redesign system takes into consideration the age distribution of the workforce by providing training to the different generations.

In this paper we will look at the Hershey Company, and ways that it has utilized to help manage these changes. We will look at ways to redesign Hershey’s performance management system to include diversity. We will also look at Hershey’s value system particularly focusing on how employees could interpret them in relation to their role with the company. We will continue to delve into the topic of the workforce trends and determine which has had the greatest impact on the Hershey Company. Finally we will look at the mentoring program that Hershey’s has put into place to help embrace the age diversity of the workforce. We will review the effects the mentoring program can have on integrating values into the Hershey Culture. Recommend the redesign of Hershey’s performance management system to appeal to the diverse groups that it employs: My recommendation is to redesign of Hersey’s performance management system. It will take a collaborative effort between management and HR to redesign the performance management system that will appeal to the company’s diverse group of employees. Diversity comes in many forms in the United States. Diversity in the workplace is not limited to ethic origin but many other characteristics such as gender, age, race, and many other factors. The current performance management system focuses on two distinct generations, the millennial and the baby boomers. The baby boomers primary responsibilities are to coach, train and mentor the millennial workers. Management considers most baby...
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