Hershey's Kiss Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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To describe a Hershey’s kiss is a nearly impossible task. It is like trying to describe the sun setting over the ocean. Mere words cannot capture beauty in its purest form. There are many parts to what makes a Hershey’s kiss as wonderful as it is. There is it’s the foil wrapper and flag, the candy itself, the taste, or the incredible feeling it gives you, every part is essential to what makes the heresy’s kiss as spectacular as it is.

When you first glimpse upon the Hershey’s kiss, the first thing to catch your eye is the silver foil wrapper. It draws you in like a fire place on a cold winter’s night, ready to wrap you in its warm embrace. It shines like a magnificent silver beacon in the dark, offering you safety and shelter when all seems lost. Accompanying the foil is a paper flag poking out of the top. Like a neon sign catching your eye and inviting you inside. Pulling the flag out is almost like receiving a letter from a long lost friend from long ago. ”Hersey’s” is printed on the flag writing in the purest shade of blue, making them like sacred symbols that welcome you into someone’s home while demanding respect at the same time. When you pull away the foil the candy is underneath, like a sleeping kitten cuddled in a blanket. When you gaze upon the candy for the first time it’s like getting a little glimpse of heaven. The sight alone is enough to bring grown men to their knees and tears of joy to stream down there face. Its magnificent shade of light brown that only the purest of milk chocolate can obtain will intise you and lock your gaze so that the little chocolate kiss seems to be the only other thing in the universe for a moment. Then there’s the aroma. The heavenly scent that has the power to bring even angles down from the heavens to look upon the wonder that is a Hersey’s kiss. It’s sent stays with you for days, wrapping its self around your heart your heart you like the perfume of a beautiful woman. The taste of a Hershey’s kiss is like nothing...
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