Herpes Simplex Virus

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This baby’s mother had genital herpes and he soon died a few hours later with organ failure.

Herpes simplex viruses are categorized into two types. Herpes type 1 is known as oral herpes, which is the most common, and then there’s herpes type 2 which is genital herpes. Herpes type 1 may cause sores in or around the mouth and lips. Herpes type 2 causes sores in or around the genitals or rectum, usually below the waist. HSV-2 is usually transmitted by sexual contact or by fluids from sore. It can also be spread through pregnancy. Neonatal HSV infections are acquired from maternal strains and 75-85% is caused by HSV-2. Genital herpes increases the transmission of HIV infection. It’s more common in low income areas but it still happens everywhere, so therefore it’s worldwide. This disease is definitely endemic because it’s around all the time and it’s a stage 4 because there’s no animal host. Once a person has the virus, it remains in the body. During puberty and early adulthood the prevalence of HSV-2 increases and 20-35% of the adults are seropostive meaning it shows a significant level of serum antibodies. The primary cause of Genital herpes is the result of transmission of an infectious agent by another person by one or more of the following: saliva, air, cough, fecal-oral route, surfaces, blood, needles, blood transfusions, sexual contact, mother to fetus, etc. Genital herpes is not a genetic disease, it is an infectious disease. HSV-2 infection is more common in blacks than whites. In genital herpes, after invading the mucous membranes, it travels to the sensory nerves at the end of the spinal cord. When the skin lesions disappear, the virus still remains inside the nerve cell in an inactive state. After that the virus travels along the nerves of the skin, where it duplicates and multiplies on the surface at or near sites of the infection. Recurring infections can be triggered by stress, fatigue, sunlight, or even another infection. The prevalence of...
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