Heroism in Homer's Odyssey: Is Odysseus a Good Leader?

Topics: Greek mythology, Odyssey, Penelope Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Nick Thengkham
Mrs. Zadigian
English 9
21 March 2012
Odyssey Persuasive Essay
Throughout Odysseus’ long journey for twenty years, he is a good leader because of his heroic actions. Even though many sacrifices were made it took whatever it cost to Odysseus. Odysseus did everything for his men to keep them alive through the Lotus Eaters till Charybdis and Scylla. To Odysseus he is a good leader on this long journey. After the long Trojan War, Odysseus successfully won with his great idea to use a horse to fake a peace treaty. With this idea he was able to catch the Trojan off guard and attacked the city over night to not lose any of his men anymore to win the war. This action made Odysseus position of a good lead who dedicated to win this war to help his men back home. When Odysseus and his men sailed backed they landed in the land of the Lotus Eater which some of Odysseus’ men went off to go eat the Lotus the people gave them. The food drove the men to not to want to go back so Odysseus sent men to run and receive them but they never returned, so Odysseus forced his men back on to the ship by strapping them back on to the ship. Odysseus said “Clear the beach and no one taste the Lotus or you lose your hope of home” (page 985 Odysseus lines 105). When they were leaving the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus landed onto the island of the Cyclops not knowing that it was the Cyclops home land. Odysseus and his men traveled into one of the Cyclops caves. When the Cyclops locked Odysseus and his men attacking them, Odysseus came up with an idea to trick the Cyclops by getting him drunk and dropping a stump into his eye. Odysseus said to the Cyclops “My name is Nobody” because he didn’t want to get caught by anybody for doing what he did (page 991 Odysseus line 315) and to create confusion to the Cyclops instead of telling his real name. When Odysseus attacked his eye the Cyclops moved away the huge boulder that blocked the door of the house to yell out for help but the...
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