Heroism in Chanda's Secrets

Topics: Concealment, Thought, Hero Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 20, 2012
In the novel Chanda’s secrets, Allan Stratton uses characterization to emphasize the heroism that lies within all of us. Even in the poorest conditions, when there is no other option left we find courage we are not aware of possessing. Chanda Kabelo faces many situations that display her heroism through a matter of thoughts and actions. Chanda pursues an education, despite her negative surroundings. This takes courage because she still has to provide for her family. While having thoughts about her future goals she thinks, Mr. Selalame says if I keep at my studies I could win an overseas scholarship to see the world. The way his eyes light up I think he really believes it. […] What if I could get a scholarship? See the world? Become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher? Dreams, dreams, dreams (p.13).

Chanda expresses all she is capable of via her thoughts. The reader gets the impression that Chanda is determined and focused on her goals despite her current struggles outside of school. Chanda is aware this is a difficult dream to pursue, as her life is keeping her dreams distant. She knows that her determination to reach her goal will not only be beneficial for her but her family as well. Despite all of the disastrous events lingering such as Jonah being unsupportive, Sara’s death, and struggling to afford the families needs; the reader is able to recognize that Stratton portrays Chanda to be ambitious about the future. She endures many horrific scenarios in the struggle to keep her dreams alive. Chanda tolerates a lot to make sure that her family will have a roof over their heads. She has to conceal the fact that she was being molested by Isaac because she knew they would not have a home if Lillian found out. While thinking about this burden she states, I wanted to scream what was happening. But I figured he’d just deny it and I’d get in trouble. Even worse, if Mama believed me, she’d say we had to leave- we’d be homeless with nothing to...
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