Heroism as a Response to the Call of Times

Topics: Parables of Jesus, English-language films, Jesus Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: December 4, 2012
People have been watching news on TV and reading daily newspapers. Things have been typical: calamities, poverty, revolutions, bank robberies, suicides, kidnappings, murders, and random accidents. Whatever the condition or predicament in the society, it always goes back to the same situation – a pathetic situation.

Recently, China has been reported worldwide because of its irresponsible citizens. I, for one, looked down on the morality of the country. A child has been hit-and-ran by a vehicle. After a handful of passers-by who saw the nearly dead girl did nothing, another vehicle ran over the body. Several people saw the badly mutilated body but ignored it. After some time, a scavenger lifted the body to the sidewalk. The mother then found her child and rushed her to the hospital. The chance of survival of the girl is very minimal and her life now depends on the tubes and machines attached to her body.

This reminds me of the Parable of the Good Samaritan where the Samaritan – who was not expected to help the man – extended his compassion and cared for him while the priest and a man simply passed by the robbed man, ignoring him.

During calamities where great floods envelope a big portion of Metro Manila, there is always a selfless soul rescuing unfortunate stranded people like himself. I wonder why in the incident in China, no one cared. The girl’s body may not be that badly mutilated if it hadn’t been ran over a second vehicle, if the passers-by brought her to the hospital immediately, or if the driver of the first vehicle got out and carried the girl. Where is justice? A scavenger, an unexpected person to help, had enough sense of humanity to care to move the body to the sidewalk. Others had been occupied. Indeed, where is justice?

Heroes, especially in the Philippines, had selfless personalities. They simply can’t control the desire of their heart to revolt against wrong. Isn’t the death of Christ for us a great heroism, too?

As you see, heroism was...
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