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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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Brianna Pearson
Heroism Poem A hero can be real or fictional but either way a hero goes through the same stages and has choices to make to help others at whatever cost. Someone may not seem like they could be a hero but by doing what they can, could help make a huge difference in someone’s life. Being a hero is not always what movies and comic books make it out to be; a hero can be a regular person being generous. Making the right choices and decisions is what helps shape a person to be a hero; they don’t become one just for the fame. Odysses is a story written by Homer who tells a story about Odysses and his men that are stuck with Cyclops. Odysses is a hero because he out smarts the one eyed giant and saves his men and himself from dying. What he did was such a huge brave thing because giants have more strength than anyone or thing. He doesn't save his men because he has to; he saves them because they're family to him. No matter what happened Odysses had his head up and was ready for anything that could happen to them all. Finally from all the work and loneliness they all got out safely and hapily which is everything someone could ask and want for. Heroes have choices to make and choosing the wrong one can make or break their reputation. It’s the bad choices that separate someone from everyone else because the word could get around and it wouldn’t look good. By making the wrong choices it affects them through their whole life and follows them wherever they are, which could never go away. People could fix what they do by being a leader and do the right thing which is what could turn what people think about them. The decisions anyone makes could backfire on them if they do what they know is wrong but do it anyway. Most people might say heroes don’t make mistakes but sometimes they mess up because nobody is perfect; it’s just the training and processing that makes them better at what...
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