Heroes - Walt Disney/Odysseus

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Madison Bulgarelli
Ms. Pelligrini
9th Academic - Period 9
18 March 2013
Hero(s) of the Modern Day
Heroes are people who are admired for their courage and noble qualities.  Walt Disney was, and may still be, perhaps one of the most influential people in the entertainment business today.  He could be considered a modern day hero due to his many skills and the mark that he left on the world.  Like Disney, Odysseus was determined and had many traits that helped to lead to reaching his full potential, making him a hero as well.   Although discounted numerous times, Walt Disney and Odysseus refused to give up on their dreams and continued to chase them even through hard times of rejection and disappointment, making them heroes.  

An epic hero is a character that displays many qualities enabling their strengths, and is admired throughout a story for their great achievements.  There are many qualities that an epic hero should portray ranging from emotional to physical traits.  Among these traits, they should show bravery and courage, along with intelligence, determination, and many more.   Odysseus clearly displays many of these qualities in the adventures on which he embarks.  Also, he shows bravery and courage when he confronts various types of creatures and challenges along the way.  He will not stop fighting until he knows that he came out on top, which is a sign of determination.  When Odysseus and his crew were trapped with a cyclops, they had to be quick witted to escape.  Odysseus used his intelligence and creativity to flee the cave which held the cyclops.  He did this by dressing up as sheep and going out with the herd in the morning.  He demonstrates intelligence when he came up with a creative way to get out of that rigorous situation.  Not only do most epic heroes have to have certain qualities about them, but they also all have a similar type of journey they go through.  Though they all go through a journey, they are never exactly the same....
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