Heroes - Prescribed & Chosen Texts

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  • Published : September 2, 2011
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A hero’s interaction with others & the world around them can enhance or limit their heroism. This creed of a hero’s relation with other’s & the world can develop or constrain their heroism is conveyed & supported within the texts “Ender’s Game” & “Hare Moon” through a hero’s willingness to sacrifice in order to achieve a greater good. Many textual techniques are involved in the novels to show this as such. The composer’s context of “Ender’s Game” was of historical thus making “Ender’s Game” an allegory of a historical event. Said event was the Cold War. This has influenced the text to represent heroes as unlikely but able to make a difference on small or large scales. However, the composer’s context of “Hare Moon” is personal which contrasts to “Ender’s Game”. The text was written fictionally. This has influenced the text to have & similarly to “Ender’s Game” an unlikely hero as well as relating to a sacrificial one as such. A common theme conveyed in the texts is that of the “other” enhancing heroism of the hero in the texts via interaction. In “Ender’s Game” the “others” are the “buggers”. ‘Buggers are out there…with weapons we don’t understand. And a willingness to use those weapons to wipe us out.’ (Page 35, Ender’s Game) The “buggers” are portrayed as evil beings. ‘Wont split her head open with a beam so hot that her brains burst the skill & spill out…’ (Page 93, Ender’s Game) The “buggers” being part of “Ender’s Game” in the way they are portrayed, increases Ender’s heroism (although he does not interact with them directly), as he is the one to save the world & humanity by killing the “buggers” for the “world” in which is the human race. A similarity is shown in “Hare Moon” with the “Unconsecrated” being depicted as the “others”. ‘…There’s no escaping the Unconsecrated. They shuffle along the fences, pushing, pulling & grating & needing.’ (Page 220, Hare Moon) They, similar to the “buggers”, are also described to be malevolent. ‘They need to Infect. The...
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