Heroes of Today

Topics: Odyssey, Homer, Trojan War Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: December 2, 2012
What is an epic hero? An epic hero is a brave and noble character in an epic poem, who is admired for great achievements or who is affected by grand events. He is that knight in shining armor, who saves the princess from the dragon in fairytales, or like Beowulf in an English epic poem, where he saves the kingdom of Hreðel from a ghoulish monster. But this essay is not about comparing the English hero Beowulf to a modern day hero, it’s about the great Odysseus from the Odyssey and his heroism. There are certain qualities to describe an epic hero; the character is a strong leader among a people or society, and does great deeds in a battle or undertakes a long journey or quest. Another quality is that this character is remembered after their death. The coolest thing about these characters, in my opinion, is that they are not gods or something supernatural, they are usually human beings that are set apart for their greatness. So why is Odysseus an Epic hero? To sum it up, he won the Trojan War with the Trojan horse, killed and fought off many obstacles of Poseidon’s wrath while looking out for his men, killed his wife’s suitors and made it home to see his family. The quote: “every shot brought down a man in his house; there, one by one, they fell.” ( )is a great example of bravery. This explains when Odysseus was shooting his arrows from his bow, killing all the suitors until there was none left. Despite the vast amounts of suitors, he took them down one by one showing no fear.

Undoubtedly, heroes have been apart of stories in a big way because they are what society tends to hold onto for hope or for positive results. In paragraph one I explained what an epic hero was, but in today’s day and age we now call those characters heroes. A hero is a person, man or woman, who is admired for courage and/or noble qualities. Examples of a modern day hero could be Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for equality, or a firefighter who saves lives right before a burning...
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