Heroes of the Trojan War

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  • Published : June 4, 2007
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Heroes of the Trojan War:

What is a hero really? Everyone has their own beliefs about what a hero is, but the beliefs greatly vary from each other. In the movie Troy for example, lots of people think that Achilles is a hero because he is such a great warrior. In reality though, someone needs to be a lot more than a great weapon-handler to be a hero. A hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. A hero is a person who is regarded as a model or ideal person; in the time of the Trojan War, that would have been a warrior or king of special strength, courage and ability. A hero puts others first, and sacrifices his own needs and wishes for the good of humanity. With that whole definition in mind, there are few characters in the movie Troy that actually come to mind as heroes. Those heroes may not be the typical textbook heroes you will find in many stories, but they are all heroes non-the less.

Hector was a man built for a purpose: to lead the Trojan army. He was courageous, and intelligent. He did not run to or from battle, but calmly walked towards it when war was necessary. His choices and opinions were well thought out, and many people would have done well to listen to him. He was a wise person when it came to running his army. He didn't take unnecessary risks, and he didn't base his judgment on how things ought to be, or what he thought the Greeks would do. He based his judgment on what he knew the Greeks would do. He did not try to second-guess the Greeks. Hector took care of his family, friends, army and his country. He helped many people of Troy escape, including his wife and child, by showing his wife where an escape route from the city was. He inspired courage in his fellow warriors and led them bravely into battle until his end. His conscience and honor came before anything else in his life, even his family. When he made a mistake, he took responsibility for it. When he killed Patroclus by...
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