Heroes Essay

Topics: Hero, English-language films, American films Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: July 11, 2011
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Part I
A true hero has the “passion to do good deeds”. Every people have the capacity to be a hero in their own little ways. It’s not important if it’s known by everyone or be broadcasted by media. What’s important is doing these good deeds just to help other people or contribute to the society’s growth. Here in the Philippines, we have many heroes like the taxi drivers who give back their passenger’s things, firemen, generous citizens, NGO volunteers, teachers and many more. They are all heroes in their own little ways. All people could be a hero; we just need the passion for it. Next, a hero should be “inspirational”. The good deeds done by a hero would be great if it would also inspire others to do good deeds. It would lead other people to also be a hero in their own way. If this passion for doing good deeds would be contagious, it could produce many heroes which would enable a country to be greatly admired by many. Part II

“True love for the country” should be possessed by a national hero. Without this love, how could a person take care for, defend and do everything for the country’s good if true love doesn’t exist. The word true is attached to mean unselfish love. A true national hero should do anything for the country without asking anything in return. This would separate them to people who defend the country for personal gains. Also, true love for the country includes loving the people, places, government, environment and anything that is in or connected to it.

Next, a national hero should be a “great leader”. A country would not progress and solve its problems if only one or few people would care for it. A national hero should serve as a driving force and lead people to also love the country and do something for its own good. A national hero should shed some light and hope for the people. This quality possessed by a national hero would enable the country to have unity and solidarity which would lead to the success, growth, stability...
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