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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Hero stands for different things to different people. Some people understand hero as a film or sports star. In some societies, a hero is someone who is handsome, rich and powerful. Are these requirements, rich, handsome and powerful really a hero? All these may help make a hero, but it is not necessary one should be rich, handsome and or educated to be a hero. What is hero and what makes person a hero? Heroes are role models of society because they have several important characteristics such as living for ideals, bravery, skill and talent. Heroes believe in and follow ideals. Heroes have principles to serve individuals and society as well. Their desire to achieve a goal is different from other people. In the article, "Is a Hero Really Nothing But a Sandwich?" Ted Tollefson (1993) writes, "Heroes serve powers or principles larger than themselves." He explains that the hero's principle is more precious than their life. Such personality devotes their life to succeed in their goal. To achieve their principles, they truly sacrifice their life, work hard and show readily willingness for risk. People who live for ideals are different than people who live normal life. The principles of such people have a greater influence in society and they helps to change society and individuals. Because of their extraordinary act, people named them hero. Mahatma Gandhi has become a hero of the world for his principles and power to change the history of India. His spectacular principles have had a great influence in society that is different from other leaders of world. He continued working for his principles until the last moment of his death. Finally, he became successful to bring the changes in India so that people admire him and call him a hero today. Basically, heroes have a vision for society and their principles function as a catalyst that motivates the society. In addition to having ideas, heroes are brave. Unlike other people they have tremendous energy and...
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