Herod Antipas and Salome

Topics: Salome, Herod Antipas, John the Baptist Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Salome talks about that on the terrace of Herod’s palace, people are staring at and talking about the Salome who is the daughter of the queen, Herodias. Salome finds many people are talking about her and she leaves the feast for the outside. Salome talks to the prophet, Iokanaan, and Salome says she will kiss Iokanaan’s mouth. The King, Herod and the Queen, Herodias go to find Salome. When they find Salome, Herod commands Salome to dance for him and he will give everything Salome wants to her. Salome chooses Iokanaan’s head to exchange to dance with Herod. Herod gives Salome Iokanaan’s head, and then Salome kisses Iokanaan’s head. Finally Herod commands to kill Salome. In Salome, an illustration named The Climax on page 66 well illustrates the play. This illustration shows that Salome loves Iokanaan so much that she does not care what will happen to her, it also indicates that Salome is a wild and impulsive woman.

This illustration has four images that illustrates different scene in the play. The first image is that Salome is holding Iokanaan’s head, and Iokanaan’s head is bleeding. The second image is that many circles are growing behind the image of Salome. The third image is that the total black part with flower and plant roots. The fourth image is that there are many lines that try to cover up other images.

In the first image, Salome’s face is looked pale but happy, and her hair makes her look like she becomes monstrous. Herod tries to please Salome by asking her to drink wine and eat fruits with him. Salome refuses him directly but it does not stop Herod pleasing and seducing Salome. HEROD: …Salome, come drink a little wine with me…

SALOME: I am not thirsty, Tetrarch.

HEROD: … Salome, come and eat fruits with me…
SALOME: I am not hungry, Tetrarch. (Line 1-16, p 32)
Salome does not want to do anything with Herod, but she decides to dance for him because Herod swears he will give anything Salome wants to her.
SALOME: I am ready, Tetrarch....
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