Hero Journey

Topics: Odyssey, Trojan War, Homer Pages: 4 (694 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Jeannie Watts
Mrs. Smith
English 9
Period 2
May 20, 2013
My Personal Hero Journey
Have you ever thought about the fact that you are on a

journey? Every single person is on a personal life journey. We all

became more ourselves and developed throughout our life journey

and became a different, more mature person along the way. The

Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem that is a metaphor for life that

teaches its reader that they have challenges that shape who they are,

they have allies / mentors who help you along the way and that you will have a big challenge in their journey that they must overcome.

First, throughout a person’s journey, there are challenges that

help shape the hero stronger. For example, “He plutered the stronghold

on the proud height of Troy.” (4-5). This shows how Odysseus stood up

for his men while battling in Troy for the Trojan War. This also shows

how he had to face many people to become that strong and capable to

do these things. An example in my life is when I helped my mom create

a baseball clinic for young children. This makes me feel very proud of

myself to be able to complete this because it took a lot of time and

effort. After all, I would not be able to be so cooperative because it

took a while and I had to be very patient. In the end, Odysseus and I

have had many challenges that we have to complete to make a better

person out of ourselves.

Second, a hero’s journey will contain allies / mentors to

help you succeed. For example, “She warns him that his palace is

overrun by more than 100 suitors who, believing Odysseus is dead,

want to marry Penelope.” (blue). With this help, Odysseus was able to

disguise himself and fight for Penelope. If Odysseus did not have this

help, he would not have known that men were competing to take what

he has. An example in my life is my mom. She is always there for me...
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