Hero in the Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Human, Want Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: March 10, 2013
A hero in our community,
Last year my life took a turn, right when I was facing one of the hardest times of my life God sent me an angel; someone that became my hero and showed me that life is one the most valuable things we have. Detective Miguel Sanchez from the Yuma Police Department, he is a person that is dedicated to his work, someone that has more qualities than what it takes to be in his position, someone trustworthy and with great ethics. As my journey became hard, Detective Miguel Sanchez made me understand through many of his actions that when we do things for the right reason life pays us with things better than anything money can buy, like the satisfaction of saving someone’s life even when you are putting your own life in danger. Many of us wake up every morning taking for granted the things that are really important in life, Detective Miguel Sanchez, like many of us is a human being with a family of his own that goes beyond his expectations in order to fulfill the duties that come along with his position, and that to me is what a hero does. I am a criminal justice student that one day dreams of being someone like him with so much respect and so many great qualities. Detective Miguel Sanchez is a hero and like many others out there in this field, I want to thank you for helping our community and helping all of those that need angels in their life, God has a special place for heroes like you. Thanks for being a hero,
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