Hero Essay

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Hero Essay
Does one have a hero? I do. Mine isn’t found in the comic section of the newspaper, he is found at home. Who could this hero be? It’s my dad, Todd Gladysiewski. I think my dad should be placed in the hero hall of fame. He is my hero because he works hard, is a family man, and has saved someone.

First, heroes are diligent workers and they are hard to find. My dad is a very hard worker. He has worked his whole life to get where he is now. For many years my dad has been the sole provider for the family. After my mom quit her job to take care of us at home, he still went out to work each day to support our growing family. We now live very comfortably thanks to him.

Second, to be a hero, one must be likeable and family oriented. Family is very important to my dad. He has coached each of his children in sports, like soccer, softball, baseball, and basketball. He has built a huge playhouse for us to play. We do tons of activities with him. We even play dodge ball with him. My dad is very fun to be around.

Third, hero’s save people’s lives. How many people know someone that literally saved someone’s life? I can name one, my dad. A drunken woman was drowning in the river, and my dad heard her yelling for help late at night. He rushed out in his boat and it took a little bit but he pulled her into the boat and saved her. I was so proud of him that I even painted a picture.

Overall, my dad is amazing and I think he should be in the hero hall of fame. He has helped my family and I to succeed at anything we do because he believes and supports us. My dad is my hero because he works hard, is a family man, and has saved someone
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