Hero Essay

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Cleveland Wilson

An uknown source states " A hero is a man afraid to run away". I think this quote means a person doesn't run away from challenges. They take them head on. I agree with this quote. Being a hero is more than just being better than everyone.Without a doubt, a hero is brave,gangsta and smart.

First of all,a true hero is brave at all times. To be brave you have to overcome your fear. For example,Tim the firefighter conquers his fear every time he fights fire. He knows that he has to save lives as part as his job. So he is brave and conquers his fear. It is clear that this is a hero because he is brave. While being brave is one definition of a hero,there are many more.

Next,a true hero is gangsta. This means someone is able to shoot a person without hesitation. For example, if a hero has to pull up a murderer off a ledge he wouldn't. That makes him a hero because that is one less killer in the world. While being gangsta is one definition of a hero there are many more.

Finally,a hero has to be smart and can think quick in critical situtions. When someone can outsmart someone a lot bigger or stronger,they are a true hero. For example,I have to fight some guy messing with a lady. But he is a lot stronger than me. I beat him with speed and my brain. That makes me a hero because I saved the woman by outsmarting the guy.

It is clear that a hero is brave because he never backs down,gangsta because he's always doing what he has to do, and smart because he can think his way out of any situation. The quote an unknown source said "A hero is a man afraid to run away". It just means to me a hero won't punk out. Of course that is why he has to be brave. So he will face his challenges no matter the obstacles. I hope that one day I can be a great hero to a person. So I am going to try harder to do good in school. I hope other teens will do the same.
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