Hero Cycle Essay from the Odyessy

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  • Published : June 8, 2011
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Homer’s Odyssey provides a clear illustration of Joseph Campbell’s hero cycle through the journeys and characterization of the protagonist Odysseus. The hero cycle is used in epics to describe the journey of the hero from bad to good. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is characterized as arrogant, and and his journey from hubris to humility. The hero cycle is a theme that epics follow. It starts off with a departure then goes to an initiation where they come to an end in their return. Odysseus’ test is to see help him heal hubris. He must learn self-control, and humbleness. He comes to a breaking point because of some of the tasks that he endures, he must overcome them to help him with his need for life change. They start off in a departure phase where Odysseus gets the notification from Menelaus and Agamemnon that he needs to leave their home for Troy even though he does not want to go. He had just had his son Telemachus and he wanted to be there for him. He realized that it was his duty and that he needed to go. Then, in the hero cycle there is usually a supernatural figure that helps them with materials or knowledge. This is a god, monster, superhero, ghost, or fairy tale creature. When Odysseus and his fleet leave and come to their first part of conflict during their journey. When he is on his way he gets his visit from Athena, goddess of wisdom. She is a strategist and often fights in wars. She came to Odysseus on his way to Troy with words for the wise. Then he encounters his first test. This is the battle between the Greeks and Trojans. He was able to survive the war. The Trojan War had lasted 10 years and finally it was over. This is only the beginning of his journey. The second step of the hero cycle is initiation. This is when the tests and climax happen. Odysseus endures many tests with creatures that test him externally and also internally. Along the way Odysseus gets aided by many supernatural beings. He would not be able to go survive without their...
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