Hero and Mother Tongue Lessons

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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What do you see in a hero? Perhaps the conventional Superman and Batman every child wished earnestly to become someday. The intrinsic principle one must acquire in order to leap into this realm is to be of distinguished courage. In my opinion, the heroes we come across are cognized due to a deed worth remembering. Yet, a hero is not made by distinguishment and fame. That being said, he may be someone in the background, someone whom no one takes notice of, but without his existence, the entire tapestry will fall apart. 

Life has been a harsh bane to me. I reminisce. When I was a month away from turning nine, I often got bullied by my peers. Those immature remarks led out loosely caused an abysmal scar within. This gave me the impression that I was inferior. When I turned eleven, the lessons being taught were a code that could not be deciphered. Especially during Mother Tongue lessons, each character that was taught took me seasons to basically know what it meant. Subjacency and uncertainty was what I thought my life was and will be.

Then came this day that was out to change my life forever. It was 20 October 2008. I was rouse by the series of loud thuds on my door that were purportedly heard in a crescendo. I wondered in my mind who could that ignorant person that is hindering my sleep be? I opened the door, half-awake, and realised it was my mother. I squinted and by the look of her eyes, she had something important to tell me.

“Son, I guess it’s time for you to know”, she muttered with a series of pauses. My mind was in confusion. What was it that she had to tell me? Couldn’t she have waited until I had awoken? “When you were at the age of five, you had a kidney failure. I went to almost all the hospitals in Singapore to seek for your suitable donor. Fortunately, there was an affectionate lady in her mid-40s that offered to donate her kidney. ” Upon hearing this for the first time, disbelief was written all over my face, to the extent that I...
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