Hero and Claudio

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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why might it be hard to believe that Hero & Claudio are in love.
In the book Hero & Claudio love is the main plot. the whle story line is based on Hero and Claudio. When one reads the book it may bring up many questions do they or dont they love each other? There are many situations when in the book when you say "there is no way they love each other." For example when Claudio returns from war, and he first laid eyes on Hero he insisted that he was that he was in love with her; because he was with Benedick and he says "Can the world buy such a jewel?'' he then goes on and says " I would scarce trust myself, though i had sworn the contrary, if Hero would be my wife." I think it was abit too fast for Claudio to say or to conclude his already in love with someone he has just seen. To make things worse Claudio allows his very good friend Don Pedro to woo the woman that he insists he loves, Don Pedro tells Claudio '' I know we shall have a revelling tonight I will assume thy part in some disguise, and tell fair Hero I am Claudio," i think if Claudio loved Hero as much as he says then he wouldnt let another man go woo her; he would r he should confidently tell her how he feels. Even after Don Pedro woo's Hero, there is never a point when Hero and Claudio talk or express their feelings for each other . Like Benedick and Beatrice who's love story is the sub-plot of the story. Beatrice and Benedick fight alot but ina way its inderstandable: but after they were ttricked they actually admit their love to each other Benedick tells Beatrice " I do love nothing in the world so well as you" Benedick even allows to kill his own friend just to prove his love for Beatrice he says, " enough, I am engaged, i will challege him, Claudio shall render me a dear account." That to me is true love. I dont see or feel any of this passion with Claudio and Hero. Another point is when Claudio sees Margret in the window with Borachio and thinks its Hero. His reaction...
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