Hero and Beowulf

Topics: Beowulf, Hero Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Epic heroes possess many traits that other characters lack. Among these are physical strength, bravery, and wisdom. These attributes aid the heroes with their journeys throughout the epic. Beowulf exemplifies each of these traits somewhere is the story. They aid him in his battles with monsters and allow him to be a leader to his people. These traits cause Beowulf to stand out among his peers and endear him to the reader. Beowulf is definitely a perfect example of an epic hero. Beowulf's physical strength, bravery, and wisdom characterize him as an epic hero. Beowulf's physical strength is revealed to the reader through his amazing feats and his unbelievable battles with mystical creatures. In lines 91 and 92 it states that Beowulf was the strongest man in the world. These words come from the Geats who are barbaric people to begin with. The fact that they speak so highly of Beowulf's strength is a testament to its truthfulness. After Beowulf arrives in Denmark he quickly travels to Herot to prepare for his battle with Grendel. In the lines following 307 it is stated that Grendel was instantly seized by Beowulf upon trying to clutch him. This is a feat that no man was able to accomplish before Beowulf's arrival. Beowulf's strength is also shown in his battle with Grendel's mother. In lines 465 and 466 it states that Beowulf was able to throw the she-witch to the ground. This only reemphasizes Beowulf's great physical strength. Finally, Beowulf's strength is shown in his battle with the dragon. Beowulf's battle with the dragon occurs when he is an old man. The fact that Beowulf is still able to defeat the dragon shows the reader the extent of his great strength. Beowulf's great physical strength is one of the characteristics that make him an epic hero.

The second characteristic that Beowulf embodies is bravery. In the beginning of the story it is made obvious to the reader that Beowulf has led a glorious youth. He preformed feats that no other man would dare...
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