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In this chapter we are going to discuss the Management Aspect of the business. It includes our Introduction, the Concept of the business, our logo, the business name, the location or vicinity of the business with direction how to go to our establishment, the organizational chart, the officers and key personnel with their job description and specification, recruitment and lastly the training that we are going to have in our employees. Introduction

Pace means peace treaty in Italian. As a HRM student we decided to have our own restaurant. The Pace Restaurant and Bar was owned and manage by a Group of Friends or College friends. It was started during our college days. We were fueled and inspired by our course to build a business such as restaurant. After graduating college we build our own business and we apply all the things we learned.

Pace continues our tradition of hospitality that strives to fulfill your senses. This passion comes from the heart, where our guests are our inspiration, and our cuisine and service the vision. This is our restaurants' mission: to give you the dining pleasure that you deserve. Pace is an exotic, upscale dining venue. This is where cuisine and service go through a sensual process that involves all the five senses at every stage of preparation. So be prepared to have all your senses awakened and pleasured. See the modern ambiance of intricately designed interiors and wall designs, a tribute to the cultural tradition that inspired us. Hear and enjoy the eclectic vibe of unpretentious sound mixes that feeds the longing of your soul; Taste the appetizing pan-asian menu infused by traditional mediterranean favorites, and pair it with our exquisite cocktails, liquors and wines. Smell the air of pleasurable banquet that encourages an infectious vibe of enthusiasm. Feel the warm service of our staff, the unassuming character of our gastronomy and the exhilarating experience of our ambience. Pace is the perfect place for private parties, family gatherings, special events and business meetings. Its aesthetics enables it to cater to every client's preferences, whether large or small. Pace tasteful blend of tradition, fusion cuisine, contemporary comfort and attentive service will surely renew your senses. Indulge your soul in this lovely experience.


Concept development was composed of the 5 M’s, or the Market, Money, Menu, Management, and Method of Execution.


Pace Restaurant and Bar aims to serve those who belong to Class A, or the corporate people, and family. The restaurant’s seating capacity would be for 98 persons. It would be located at Unit SE-UG205 Bonifacio Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The restaurant would be promoting its establishment by giving flyers by means of print and mass media. A Facebook fan page would also be made for online marketing.


The proposed capital of Pace Restaurant and Bar would be Php 50,000,000.00. The capital will be divided amongst the needed equipment, utensils, inventory, labor costs, utility costs, and overhead costs. Investors will provide the capital, with a contribution amounting to Php 6,250,000.00 each.


Pace restaurant and bar will offer its customers menu in an a la carte style. The restaurant will serve fusion of pan Asian and Mediterranean such as aubergine, moussaka, pizza and more.


The managerial position would be open to individuals with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management degree or Bachelor of Science in Business Management degree. Having work experience would be a plus factor. Both full-time and part-time employees will be hired. Pace Restaurant and Bar will be open for at least 12 hours a day. Schedule of operation will be based on mall regulations.

Method of Execution

Pace Restaurant and Bar will be purchasing its raw ingredients locally. Standardized recipes will be...
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