Topics: Snake, Predation, Dog Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: December 3, 2012

Deep in Southern California there once was a family, a single mother and her only son Kevin. They also had a dog which they loved very much as if it was another son for the mother. The life they were leading was like a fairytale because the whole family were very happy and delighted. However there was one day they lived and dreaded for there whole lives…

One day Kevin was playing outside with his friends, the way he always did almost everyday of his wife. What he didn’t realise was that one of the most perilous snakes in the world was lurking in the distance.

Anaconda is one of the biggest and deadliest snakes in the world for its strength and quickness. Although the Anaconda has no venom in his mouth, it grasps its prey and ties it into a not until the prey cannot breathe. The prey eventually dies and then the Anaconda swallows its prey whole! The Anaconda can eat big animals such as goats, sheep, rats and it could kill a human with ease making it very dangerous.

Therefore this Anaconda had his eyes set on Kevin and looking for his monthly meal. As it approached Kevin, the Anaconda lunged towards him however Kevin’s heroic dog saved his life. His dog was named Jerry a long time ago by his owner. Jerry was not intimidated by the snake and he was not going down without a fight.

Jerry saved Kevin’s life however he couldn’t save his own when the snake and dog had a perilous combat in the side. Jerry had the upper hand near the beginning as he slapped the snake when he was not looking. However the snake outmatched the dog and gave him a bite on the neck which later resulted in the death of Jerry.

The snake was not finished as he was still looking at Kevin to feats on. Kevin was only a nine year old and the only thing he could think about doing was to scream his guts off. As soon as he screamed Kevin’s mum was there in a flash with a large frying pan and knocked some sense into the snake. The snake was hit very hard so it slid back into the...
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