Hero's Journey

Topics: Drama films, The Downward Spiral, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Each person undergoes a unique journey in their life. However, each person goes through the same basic steps; Choosing different paths to make each journey unlike anyone else’s. The Hero’s Journey is a journey that everyone will take during their life. We should acquaint ourselves with the type of journey we are on in order to successfully complete our journey. I had traveled down the wrong path and had gone from using marijuana occasionally to being physically addicted to methamphetamines. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed something to motivate me to change my ways and become a better person. To begin, the hero’s journey is initiated when the hero is removed from their comfort zone. This irresolute feeling is agonizing, confusing, and manifests a Call to Adventure. A call is in demand when the hero has room to grow and develop: when he must change. My personal Call to Adventure was when I overdosed and nearly died, landing me in the hospital for weeks. The hero must answer this calling in order to satisfy this need to grow, face the unknown, and to gain something of magnitude. I knew now was the time to change my ways and get my life back on track. While I was lying unconscious on the hospital bed, I can clearly remember somebody telling me that I would die if I didn’t change my ways. I never figured out if it was God or a person talking to me but it definitely hit home with me. This was where I made the decision to get clean and change my life. This was the jumping-off point; it was now or never. After I decided that, I knew there was no going back. After I was released from the hospital, with the help of my doctor, I convinced my parents to send me away to inpatient rehab. That is where I encountered my first trials and challenges.

My first trial and challenge was going through the withdrawls from the drugs. I was sick, nauseous, and delusional for about a week until it all got out of my system. That was probably the hardest part. I...
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