Topics: Grammatical person, Fiction, First-person narrative Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Society is the definition of whether one fits in, or not. In Jeffery Eugenides’ novel Middle Sex he enforces several literary devices to describe the Callie’s mental reaction towards her physical discovery. Eugenides enforces literary terms such as narrative structure, imagery and tone to relate Callie's situation to society's cruel prejudice against those who are "not normal" In order for the reader to understand the structure of the novel, Eugenides uses two different points of views-first person point of view, and third person point of view objective. Eugenides begins to guide the reader through Callie’s challenging situation by speaking in first person. “And that is where I stopped ……I was stooping over mine, my hair falling ….. … I longed to be held, caressed, and that was impossible,” said Callie. Using Callie’s first person perspective, the readers are able to go through the troubled feelings Callie is going through. By standing in the shoes of Callie, the readers are able to show sympathy and love for Callie. Throughout the novel/excerpt, Eugenides switches from Callie’s first person point of view, to the 3rd person point of view objective. “She was tugging on it, winding it around her hand so that her fingers went white, as she stared down at that word. Monster. And she wasn’t reading this word on the wall of her old bathroom stall”. The change in point of view creates another way the reader knows that Callie is ostracized. Eugenides makes this change not only so the reader is able to see the pain and the embarrassment Callie feels, but in different perspectives from the inside and the perspective from the outside. Euginides describes Callie’s circumstances with sad and serious feeling. Using the words monster, fear, stabbing, and impossible he creates a depressing atmosphere. He introduces these words meaning, an animal of strange or terrifying shape, to be afraid of, a sudden sharp feeling,, and incapable of being or of occurring. These certain words...
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