Heritage Assessment of Cultures

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Heritage Assessment of Cultures

January18, 2013

Heritage assessment is a useful tool to assess family’s identification with traditional culture. It is important to recognize the cultural background and understand how people came up with the consequent remedies of health promotion and maintenance. An interview of European, Chinese, and Hispanic cultures presents different culture bound beliefs, practices, and behaviors that are used for health protection and restoration. The national origin of the writer is the soil of Lithuania, mutinous and vibrant Baltic country in Northern Europe. Lithuania moved successively between Russian pillar and Nazi post, declared its independence from Russia in the year of 1990. The international recognition followed. The United States had never recognized the forcible incorporation of Lithuania into the Soviet Union, and it views the present Government of Lithuania as the legal continuation of the interwar republic. The United Nations list Lithuania as a "Very High Human Development" country. Concerns related to some lifestyle choices such as alcohol consumption, smoking, physical inactivity, poor food choices exists and public health services are needed to promote healthy behaviors , especially in urban settings of the country where physicians are not easy accessible due to transportation issues. However, a very acceptable practice is on call visiting home health nurses available for anybody who claims to be sick. These were paid by the government until the recent reform. Spirituality is unique to each individual, but Lithuanians are very religious peoples. There is a great influence to spirituality by the family, culture, and community.Majority of them believe in God, and some others believe that there is some sort of spirit or a life force. The Roman Catholic Church is widely accepted. Religious traditions that include selecting ethnic foods, singing and dancing are being practiced by Lithuanians...
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