Heritage Assessment

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Heritage Assessment

Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V

Before asking the questions from Heritage Assessment tool, meaning of Cultural Heritage must be known. Cultural Assessment is legacy of intangible attributes and cultural property of a society or a group that are descended from the past generations, maintained in the current generation and carried forward for the betterment of the future generations. Tangible culture such as landscapes, buildings, books, art and artifacts, intangible culture such as traditions, folklore, knowledge, language and natural heritage such as biodiversity, culturally significant landscapes are all included in the cultural heritage. Every individual’s perception regarding the disease process, health and end of life is based upon their cultural heritage. Culture not only influences the patient but also the medical professionals, who are rendering care to these patients. Heritage includes determination of individual’s religious, ethnic and cultural background (Spector 2009). Cultural heritage is also used the individuals to protect, maintain and restore health and these concepts involves the individuals spiritual, mental and physical beliefs. In this paper advantage of applying heritage assessment tool will be discussed. Heritage assessment tools include twenty nine questions, which involves questions regarding religion, family, traditions, food choices and demographics. Traditional heritage relies on positive answers for individual’s identification. This assessment tools unique because questions are the same but answers differ from person to person, even the siblings tend to have different answers. The heritage assessment helped the individual interviewing theses families, understand their beliefs, values and their perception of health care. This tool also helps us understand the cultural uniqueness and how beliefs and values are passed from one generation to the other. Heritage assessment helps to identify the...
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