Heritage Assessment

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Heritage Assessment Based on the Study of Different Cultures Heritage could be described as something that has been transmitted from the past or handed over or followed by tradition. Every individual practice and follow their own heritage based on one’s ethnic, religious and cultural background. United States being a open minded country, welcomes all immigrants and is rich with multiracial and multicultural people from various parts of the world. It is becoming more challenging to practice nursing due to the multicultural diversity and less awareness of their culture making it even harder to provide safe and appropriate patient care. Hence as Nurses, it is very important to learn and understand the various culture and heritage to provide quality care to the individual in need. The care is provided based on their culture, acknowledging it and respecting their beliefs, values and customs. This paper here will compare the differences in health traditions between the Indian, African-American and Pilipino heritages, addressing their approach towards health maintenance, health protection and health restoration. The Heritage assessment tool is a tool used in clinical nursing practice by nurses and other health care workers to understand the social factors, values, beliefs, and traditions of the multicultural groups for whom they provide quality care. These tools enable us nurses to provide effective transcultural nursing care. Identification of cultural details is highly crucial to diagnose, manage and treat the patient. If unknown, it would delay patient care and put patients at risk. It is recommended that, health care workers identify the cultural needs as early as possible on admission, in order to plan the right care based on the individuals and families cultural beliefs and needs. When compared the cultural differences amongst Indian, Nigerian and Pilipino, it was revealed that there were few similarities and few differences noted amongst the three...
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