Heredity Determines Personality.” (a) Build an Argument to Support This Statement. (B) Build an Argument Against This Statement.

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Q: 5. “Heredity determines personality.” (a) Build an argument to support this statement. (b) Build an argument against this statement.

Ans: To establish my statements, firstly we have to know what we mean by personality and then where personality comes from. So all these are depicted below:

Personality: Simply, it refers to the ways how people react or interacts with others. We all know that each and every person’s characteristics are unique. Also, people have different quality and characteristics and all of these characteristics make personality. As we know, personality comprises a set of mental distinctiveness which reflect the way in which a person thinks, acts and feels.

In short, it can be said that personality consists all of these characteristics which portray person’s behavior. Sometimes it might happen that there are similar characteristics among all of them but there are also some differences which are unique. Moreover, we try to find out differences between one individual to another from, which are lies on their personality, their characteristics. There are different types of personality like- extroverted-introverted, perceiving- judging and so on.

Different factors are related with personality determinants such as heredity, environment and situation. Some characteristics come genetically to individuals and some come by learning from the environment or from different situation. Now the question is '

Heredity determines personality or not

As a human being, we have to stand certain characteristics which are mainly come from genetic inheritance. So, it is sure that one’s personality depends on heredity. Most of the time we use some words like- that girl/boy just like her/his father, his eyes exactly like her mother etc.

In addition, people grow up in their family and follow all these and also try to behave like in that way. With the result of that heredity create the limit of individual’s personality trait

Moreover, we all know that every person put up with similar gene with their parents which are to be found in their chromosome. Therefore, Heredity determines personality.


Environmental and situational factors are also related to determine personality though heredity involves there. Specially, after born people are try to learn different behavior and also cope up with that situation.

In society, people have to play different role at different situation. And person learns it from their culture as well as from social groups. Different types of culture related to make personality like traditional, western culture. Different culture helps in a different way to handle activities. We try to grab all cultural values, norms and so many things. As we didn’t come from one culture so it varies from person to person.

In addition to, religion also determines personality. Such as- people, who come from Muslim religion their personality, obviously differ from another religion and vice versa.

Also, experience plays an important role to determine personality. People try to do such behavior what they learned through experience. For example- If any employee sees that when she express her anger to another employee, there is a negative impact on her. Therefore, she won’t do this again. So she has learned it through experience and try to apply it in different situation

From the above discussion, it seems to me that not only heredity determines personality but also another factors are related like- environment and situation.

Q: 4. Relate OB with management.

Ans: To relate Organizational behavior with management we need to define what is organizational behavior and management. So these are illustrated below-

Organizational Behavior: It is such type of study which tries to find out the behavior of individuals as well as group within the organization. After seeing these they try to improve organizations effectiveness and efficiency step by step by applying...
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