Hereditay and Environmental Factors in Human Development

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Hereditay and Environmental Factors in Human Development

By | March 2011
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Hereditay and Environmental factors in human development

The main difference among individuals lies in their personality. One's personality consists in his/her general profile or in the special combination of psychological traits of character that refer to his/her unique nature. One's unique combination of psychological features leads to the way in which that specific person reacts and interacts with the others or the environment. One's personality includes a set of mental characteristics which reflect the way in which a person thinks, acts and feels.

Many specialists have asked themselves which is the main factor that determines personality: is personality genetically inherited or developed gradually through experience?

I am sure all of us have repeatedly heard remarks such as: "He acts exactly like his father!" or "He behaves like that because this is how he was brought up!" And this is when the controversy appears: which is more important when developing your personality - human nature or education? Does one's personality depend on heredity through genetic inheritance or on the environment in which someone leads his/her life?

According to psychologists, the most reasonable answer of all is neither one, nor the other, but the interaction of the two - the genetic and the environmental/educational/experience factor.

Therefore, heredity establishes the limits of one's personality traits that can be developed, while the environment - represented by the cultural, social and situational factors - influence the actual development within the limits.

Cultural factors are related to the cultural values earned by someone in the course of his/her life, especially during the period when his/her personality is formed. These cultural values have a great impact upon an individual's behavior. For example, a person that is fond of reading or any other form of art will behave more elegantly than someone that does not manifest any interest in culture. Obviously,...

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