Herbert Hoover Protests the New Deal

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Document #6 entitled “Herbert Hoover Protests the New Deal” shows how President Hoover completely disagreed with the New Deal and said that it was an inevitable failure. He mentioned, “This is the issue upon which men are imprisoned and dying in Europe right now.” This was the year 1936 when Hitler was wrecking Europe; Hoover insists that America would eventually turn into Europe’s state if the New Deal is followed through. Document #7 entitled “Republican Party Platform” discusses the conservative complaints about the New Deal, because of course not all Americans supported the New Deal, or even Roosevelt himself. The Republican Party of 1936 had put together a platform to oppose the changes FDR made, such as the high taxes, high regulation, crony capitalism, fascist third way system. They said that the New Deal dishonored American traditions. The powers of Congress have been usurped by the President, the rights and liberties of American citizens have been violated, regulated monopoly has displaced free enterprise, it has intimidated witnesses and interfered with the right of petition, and it has created a vast class prejudice that replaced reason and tolerance. Document #8 entitled “Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Rendezvous with Destiny” shows that in a speech by FDR, he referred to the tyranny of the 18th century aristocracy and that “corporatracy” will be the same thing. He explained that the concept of corporatocracy is that corporations that have massive power to overpower the government. They exercise their power via corporate monopolies and mergers. So Roosevelt’s point was that American would be soon taken over by such corporations if they’re not controlled.
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