Herbal Yunani Medicines Prepration

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(Unani Formulations)

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Dr. Hifzul Kabir
MD (Ilmul Advia)

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There is need of time, to fulfill this need there is time. In early twentieth century there was a need of Urdu language to teach/learn Unani System of Medicine but now it is time of globalization, where in about all countries English is being understand. We have precious literature in Arabic, Persian and Urdu Language but no literature is available in English, which may fulfill the need of time. As it is observed that in national, international seminar/ conference/workshop, experts from other discipline ask about literature in English, as they are not aware to Urdu language. As teacher I felt that what ever I am teaching in Urdu due to some explanatory problem, not possible to satisfy the students. Further more students are not of the standard to understand Urdu terms. Most of the students come from intermediate/10+2 without urdu. These students are English/Hindi oriented. In this state it is very difficult to give proper knowledge to student. In modern scenario world is being changed in a global village. We are responsible to develop this System of Medicine. To develop it and to transfer in a better state to next generation, it is quite essential to give literature in such language, which is better understood. I have tried to give Syllabus of Morakkabat prescribed by CCIM in form of a book of Morakkabat (Unani Formulation), So that students as well as manufacturers may get benefit to understand compound drugs and those who do not know Urdu may get benefit of it. I am sure that this book will get a place to fulfill basic requirement of not only of BUMS and MD students but teachers and experts of Unani System of Medicine and others who are very positive to traditional Medicines. Dr. Hifzul Kabir Dated: 28.10.2003 3 4

To Grand Parents

Mrs. &Mr. Shamsher Baig

Cntents Page No. Dawa 11 Ilaj bid Dawa 12 Selection of Single drugs 13 Aims and Objectives to preare Compound Drugs 14 Calculation of Amount of Compound Drugs 15 Calculation of Mizaj of Compound Drugs 16 General Process 19 Kootna aur peesna 19 Making powder of certain Drugs 19 Ehraq Advia 22 Ghasl Advia 23 Neeb Kob, Tadbeer Advia 24 Tehmees wa Biryan 29 29 Tarveeq Process used in preparation of formulation 31 Qiwam for Majun, Itrifal, Laooq, Mufarrehat,Tiryaqat etc 32 Important Definitions of Formulations 34 Anushdaru, Arq 34 Gulqand, Gulshakar, Julanjbeen, Gulangbeen, Conserve 35 Habb, Itrifal, Jawarish 35 Joshanda, Khameera 36 Kheesanda 37 Kohl 37 Laboob 37 Laooq 37 Majun, Sarishta 37 Marham 38 Mufarreh 38 Murabba 38 5

Qeruti Qurs Safoof Sherbat Shyaf Sikanjbeen Tiryaq Fadzeher Morakkabat Anooshdaru Sada Anooshdaru Lului Arqyat Arq Brinjasif Arq Gazer Arq Kasni Arq Maullehem Mako Kasni wala Arq Musaffi Arq Sheer Morakkab Dawaul Kurkum Kabir Dawaul Kurkum Sagheer Dawaul Misk Dawaul Misk Motadil Sada Gulqand Gulshakar Julanjbeen Gulangbeen Gulqand Gulab Gulqand Mahtabi Gulqand Sevti Hubub Habbe Asgand Habbe Ayarij Habbe Jadwar Habb Kabid Naushadri Habbe Marvareed Habbe Muqil Habbe Paan 6

38 39 39 40 40 40 41 42 42 43 45 45 46 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 55 55 56 56 57 57 59 60 60 61

Habbe Papita Habbe Shifa Habbe Sooranjan Habbe Tinkar Itrifal Itrifal Kashneezi...
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