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Daniel Ann
World History
Core 2
School of Athens
The one of the Renaissance’s greatest master painter, Raphael was the one who created the masterpiece, ‘The school of Athens’. It was a great fresco that was painted between from 1510 to 1511. The painting contained famous professionals such as mathematician, philosopher, scientist, and many other professionals including Raphael himself. Raphael of course admired all the people in the painting that he drew himself. For me when I see the drawing I admire these three people: Heraclitus, Alexander the Great, and Pythagoras the most. I also believe that Raphael himself had admired these people like me because of many reasons.

Heraclitus was a great man who was considered to be known as one of Greek’s principle philosophers. However, he is more known to be a great scientist who has created a foundation of modern physics. His philosophy or his way of thinking has changed the view of European world completely. His theory was called “Logos” or being more specific it was an important word that he used to explain his philosophy, which became an important in subjects such as philosophy, psychology, rhetoric, and religion.

The term “Logos” has been used by many famous people other than Heraclitus, but what is it that makes this person special? The answer to this question I believe has lead Raphael who drew Heraclitus to admire him. Heraclitus was a new kind or type of thinking man in his age, since his view of the world was totally different from the others. He used the word “Logos” in explaining his philosophy and defined it as opposite things like water and fire being one together. It is very hard to understand and even Heraclitus himself has said that the term “Logos” could not be defined completely accurate by us human beings even though it is always with us in the present. As I have said before this philosophy made by Heraclitus however changed the view point of the Europeans and Raphael, who was known have the...
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