Hepatitis a

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Hepatitis A

Do you know the facts about Hepatitis A? It is a very serious disease, and the consequences could be deadly. “Minnesota Department of Health” did statistics on the number of deaths from 1999-2010. In 1999 there were one hundred twenty eight deaths. But, over the last eleven years we have decreased dramatically in the number of deaths. Just this past year (2010) there were only thirty-eight deaths. With the newly developed antibiotics and drugs and new healthy ways we have managed to decrease the death rate. Lets start off with the symptoms.

Hepatitis A, according to, “World Health Organization” commonly appears within twenty-eight days of exposure. This is actually very lucky because you know immediately, so you can treat it at once. If you don’t treat it soon enough though, like I said the consequences could be deadly. The specific symptoms of Hepatitis A are loss of appetite, itchy skin, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rash, fatigue, weight loss, yellowing of the skin and eyes, and fever. (“emedicinehealth”) Keep in mind that in regions with poor hygiene standards, the incidence of infection with this virus is high. (“Infectious Hepatitis A”)

The liver is a vital organ located in the upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity. It has a wide range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, produce hormones and enzymes, break down all the bad waste in your body, and does the production of biochemical necessary for digestion. It also plays a major role during metabolism. But, Hepatitis A is an inflammation (irritation and swelling) of the liver. (“Hepatitis A”) This is very bad because the liver does so many things. (“Medicine net”) The liver is necessary for survival, there are many different types of diseases that attack your liver and Hepatitis A is one of them. This is why it is very important to be aware of all the risks of Hepatitis A.

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