Henry Viii, the Tyrant of England.

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Henry VII of England, Mary I of England Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Introduction Paragraph and Thesis
All throughout history, many important figures have contributed to the growth and development of the world in several aspects including the economic and political advancement of their corresponding regions. However, many of these great leaders have achieved this goal through various contrasting ideologies, as seen with the rule of Henry VIII in England during the 16th century. Henry VIII, also known as Henry Tudor, ruled between 1509 and 1547 during which he was “regarded as England’s most important monarch” (Mcenegart). While King Henry is credited to playing a vital role in the development of England, the methods by which he achieved this title can be considered questionable due to controversial actions he had taken during his rule; Henry is still criticized to this day for his dramatic reduction of the nation’s economy due to expensive warfare and expansion, and his extensive spending to ensure his place as the king (Mcenegart). I believe that King Henry is an extremely tyrannical yet effective leader in history because of his active role in the development of England and the social strife and economic conflicts he brought to the complex civilization. Biographical Information

Henry Tudor existed during a crucial event in history with the secession from the Roman church, and was born in Greenwich England on June 28, 1491. As a child, Henry Tudor was a very enthusiastic student and enjoyed learning. His father, Henry VII, enrolled him to learn various languages including Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian while at the same time required him to study mathematics and music. In his leisure time, Henry Tudor enjoyed hunting numerous animals, and took part in physical competitions including wrestling and jousting in which he was regarded as being able to draw “the bow with greater strength than any man in England” (“Henry, VIII”). However, in 1502 Henry’s eldest brother died due to tuberculosis. Arthur Tudor was the...
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