Henry Tudors Success in Replacing Richard

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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How far was the success of Henry Tudor in replacing Richard III as king due to the events on the battlefield at Bosworth Clearly the death of Richard at the battle of Bosworth in 1485 was the final contributing factor to his demise, but it had certainly been brought about by Henry Tudor’s efforts and was undoubtedly not an event of simply sheer fortune for Tudor. It is the act of Richard breaking rank in a seemingly desperate final drive for victory that many site as the reason for the succession of Henry Tudor, though it is the events prior to this that determine whether Richard was left with no other choice. At the battle of Bosworth field, Richard seems to have had a larger number of fighting men than Tudor and also held the higher ground, however many contemporaries stated that the battle was largely a stalemate, suggesting that Tudor’s preparations for battle had been successful, at least for the fact that he was able to hold his own against an opponent with greater numbers and a more preferable geographical position. It was not until Richard’s fateful “suicide charge”; a charge with the aim of directly attacking the oppositions leader, rather than being explicitly suicidal. Thanks to the Swiss-trained French mercenaries in Henry’s garrison and their tactics never before seen on English soil and Thomas, Lord Stanley’s last minute decision to support Henry, Richard was killed and Tudor took his crown. Thus Henry’s success in replacing Richard of York as king of England, would not be as we know it had Richard not made the dramatic charge that resulted in his death, but whether the success would ever have occurred is still yet to be explored. Henry’s first real aspirations of reclaiming the throne of England ostensibly came about in 1483 following the quashed Buckingham rebellion. This uprising showed Henry the lack of support for Richard and between 1483 and 1485, Henry sent emissaries to build support for himself in England, before being forced to flee from...
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